President Biden

I’ve never been a complain about the problem, type of person. I accept what is and focus on the solution. If it’s a reoccurring problem, then it’s important to investigate the cause so that it doesn’t continue and ultimately unfold into a bigger dilemma.
To listen objectively with an open mind and not allow my emotions to supersede my intelligence, is what has gained me the respect as an “O.G.” or “Shot Caller” behind these prison walls.

Yes, there are still those that respect only violence and prior to my “Guruism” enlightenment, I entertained that pattern of thought. By comprehending that train of thinking, I can relate and more importantly convey a rational justification for a peaceful solution to whatever the issue may be.

Now let’s not get it misconstrued, there are plenty of disputes where brutal force is the only resolution to curtail a greater crisis. I’m in a level 7 maximum federal penitentiary, with the influence to push the nuclear option button, a responsibility I never wanted or asked for. But being able to identify that prison politic’s is a game of chess and not checkers, I accept that I’m capable, competent and trusted to make the best choices and decisions for the greater good of all.

Now that being said, when I read or watch the news pertaining to the politic’s of the free-world, I can’t help but observe the similarities. Let me be clear, I am not a big fan of President Joe Biden, he was the main coordinator of the 1986 crime bill, creating the 100-1 crack disparity law, one of the most Jim Crowish type of laws of our time. But again, I’m open minded and objective, recognizing that his administration is working to correct that wrong.

I have no problem giving credit where credit is due and when I listened to President Biden’s recent speech to the world, pertaining to this war on Ukraine, it’s future implications and the steps being taken against Russia, I humbly have to admit that I’m glad that it’s President Biden and NOT Donald Trump, who’s the “O.G.” for this particular situation.

Listen, I honestly enjoyed when Donald Trump was president, not just because he past the First Step Act, he was entertaining and his administration exposed a lot about America and it’s system of government. I’ll leave it at that.

I’m not a Democrat or a Republican, I listen to policy, logic and reason with each issue independently. So at this moment of time, I am independently thankful and grateful to have President Joe Biden as our “Shot caller”.