Book Review: If My People. Prayers for Healing, Hope & Restoration

It’s been some time since I’ve done a Gangster Turned Guru book review. It’s not that I haven’t been reading, just a lot going on. Most books I read right through, but others are meant for one to take their time with. “IF MY PEOPLE” ‘Prayers for Healing, Hope and Restoration,’ was such a book. There will always be situations that occur in life that appear to challenge one’s faith, so to have good resources to rely on in those trying times is important.
I started my day each morning reading a few prayers from the over 20 contributing authors, or should I call them Prayer Warriors, all with there unique voices. Believe me I know the power of prayer. Although the Gangster Turned Guru does not proclaim any religion to be the ONE religion of GOD, these evangelistic Christian Prayer Warriors have words of wisdom that will inspire and reinforce your relationship with GOD.
Minister Michelle Lee wrote “You didn’t send Jesus here to condemn us, but to save us.” How true and powerful that one line is for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear.
Amanda B. Sumiel wrote about the secret power of having an attitude of gratitude, “As I prepare for my day, I thank you for my family and friends, my pastor, and church family, a great job with an easy commute, finance, and good health.” That “easy commute” really stood out as so often we disregard the hundreds of blessings each day to focus on the one or two things that didn’t go as we thought they should, and waste more energy being negative, while neglecting the positive.
Terry Wedlock wrote, “My work with you will no longer be just about the situation right now. My faith knows, you already have that worked out.”These are the encouraging words to rely on, especially in this chaotic prison environment that I’ve lived in for over 18 years.
While reading “IF MY PEOPLE” I was often transported back in time as a young child going to my favorite Aunt Linda’s church ALL DAY SUNDAY! Aunt Linda is an OG of Prayer Warriors. And while reading “IF MY PEOPLE” it triggered happy memories that I thank God for. There are moments in life where you can feel defeated, and can’t find the words for prayer….that’s how I was feeling when the words of “IF MY PEOPLE” found me.
For this gift, I give “IF MY PEOPLE” 5 Gangster Turned Guru stars!