Life Dot

It takes some people longer than others to connect what I’ve sometimes called “Life dots.”
As for myself, I have no problem admitting that I was a slow learner.
It took an extreme reality check, akin to having an outer body experience, to realize that life unfolds from an unseen force, creating the visible manifestation of the reality that’s experienced.

I came across this spiritual realization by constantly making major mistakes based on my irrational criminal thinking errors. The fact that I’m currently writing this while sitting in my cell at USP Canaan, closing in on my 18th year is evident enough not to have to go into greater detail of my past extreme bad decisions.

Still, I’m able to recognize the beauty of unity from the One Supreme energy of life, i.e. God.
How an individual relates with their higher power is exactly what creates the personalized relationship that’s experienced.
Belief, faith, honesty and trust are a few key elements of maintaining a healthy relationship with this Oneness of all that is.


It’s the Absolute Life Dot to which we are all connected, regardless of the mistakes we’ve made, our religion, race, political affiliation, or sexual orientation. The unity of all of life is God, even when in our individual capacity we do un-Godly things.
That indivisibility does not, can not, and will not change.

Some people refuse to accept this and that’s ok.
But allow me to explain why I can stand by this claim of connectiveness with this One Unifying Source of all that is.

We can only come from life and since we are living life, it makes sense that we are in life and life is in us, resulting back to us all being One with life.

Pretty simple right?

Now, having this self-awareness and actually being conscious that it’s a co/creation relationship, should wipe away any doubt or confusion in one’s ability to create an abundant reality.


Because you are in that One Source of Life just as that One Source of Life is in you and since the Infinite Source is limitless in all things, then you are too.

Sounding too good to be true?
Ask yourself this….could God be too good?

When you have a concrete conviction based on your personal experience of how life operates, your thoughts are clear and powerful because the trust, faith and belief that derive from the Universal laws and Principals of life can not and do not fail.

The dots always get connected because in the Ultimate Absolute Reality, we are never dis-connected from the One Life Dot.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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