I’ve come to understand that I’m always dealing with the First Cause in the creation of my reality and experiences.

“What is the First Cause?”

My thoughts.

This is a blessing, yet in my unconscious state of awareness, it “seemed” more like a curse.

I said, “seemed” for a crucial reason, since my belief is that I can set my ideas to achieve my goals to create and manifest my destiny, but the ultimate Source of Life, that gives me my creative ability, has a divine plan, not only for me, but for everyone and everything.

So when I think I know it all and how to do it all, then my plans get thrown off track, I know they’re being superseded by the Intelligent Source of Life, commonly referred to as God.

God has created Universal Laws and Principals that are activated by the way we think.

Like a mirror, our life condition is a reflection of the predominate pattern of thought that are entertained. This is known as the Universal law of attraction. Our thoughts ignite this law, attracting experiences corresponding to our inner mental attitude.

That’s a Fact.

When I entertained criminal thought patterns, rooted in this image of myself as a gangster, like a magnate, I pulled the creation of this 45 year federal sentence, echoing my inner thinking.

It was not God punishing me.
God is love.
And God loves me so unconditionally that she allowed me to make all my terrible choices and destructive decisions, regardless of the consequences.

The First Cause that imprisoned me is that same power igniting the Laws and Principals that have freed me.
No, I do not have my physical liberty, yet. My freedom within will manifest external conditions through the same Laws and Principals that got me here.

Now is that my excuse?
Is this what I tell myself because it sounds good?

This is a truth that I’ve put to the test on countless occasions for over 17 years behind these penitentiary walls.

My spiritual conviction is based on what I’ve personally experienced in my transformation from being known as a Gangster, to being respected as a Guru!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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