My Publisher!

216572_6020663281_1331_nAuthors should be able to brag about their publishers!  My publisher is not only an amazing team to work with,  taking care of all my publishing and marketing needs.  The owner is also my older sister!  Having the opportunity to work with her on this project of mine has been a true blessing!  CALL HER!


Our The-Wright-Group,-Project-Management_05022016Self-Publishing service is simply an Author’s Virtual Assistant who’s purpose is to help you with all the administrative responsibilities of self-publishing.

 In addition to identifying the tasks that need to be done to take your project from manuscript to e-book and/or print book we’ll…

  • Develop book launch timeline and budget

  • Identify tasks that can be completed in-house and those that should be completed by industry professionals (editor, cover designer, layout artist, marketing consultant etc.)

  • Assistance with researching, interviewing an selection of your ‘publishing team’

  • Manage launch timeline to keep you on track

  • Manage publishing and event calendar

  • Set up and/or strengthen your online Author presence

  • Management of your social media platforms and e-mail marketing campaign

  • Identifying subject appropriate blog and article posting platforms

  • Creating advertisement content, press releases and audience engaging posts

  • Administrative Tasks including but not limited to responding to calls and e-mails,

  • Whatever you need help with that is not listed here!