This or That

Was there ever really a time when peace and harmony existed?

The question and answer is two fold.

Yes and no.

The polarities of life exist in order for us to have experiences. There’s no hot without cold, pain without pleasure, peace without war, chaos without harmony and gangster without the guru. LOL.

How would we know one from the other without the other existing?

There are often times when life doesn’t make sense with logic and reason.

It seems like God just took a vacation from caring about what goes on in the world.

But that’s when my faith and belief of my higher power comes into play, helping to keep me spiritually strong and grounded.

I’m currently on my 15th year in this environment of prison, but I’m not “of” this prison environment.

Yes, it brings circumstances and situations that effect me, but it’s my response that dictates my experience.

The power of my choice to choose to look at the cup of life as half-full is one of my simple secrets of success.

You see right there….I just came up with another book to write. “Gangster Turned Guru’s simple secrets of success.

But let me stay on track. Regardless of what your going through or have and will go through, there’s meaning and purpose to the experience.

We have the power to give the experience meaning and purpose by the choices we choose (or don’t choose) to make.

How many times have you had to go through something that made absolutely no sense in the moment, but now look back at it clearly seeing the meaning and purpose it played in making you who you are today?

That’s Life in action and Life in action is God.

That’s all for now, nothing too profound.

Just wanted to check in with my readers. Much love and life!!


One comment on “This or That

  1. Edwin dee says:

    Hay whats up we met a long time ago just wanted to see how u been


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