About the Author

Eddie K. Wright is the #1 Amazon Bestselling author of his Gangster Turned Guru Presents series.  Eddie began writing spiritual self-help books based on his experiences while guiding others on their path in developing a real relationship with God.

The Evolution of a Gangster Turned Guru,” is his personal story of transformation.  From being charged with running a criminal enterprise by the United States Government to being the leader of a spiritual community where he’s known as the Guru, Eddie’s former gangster mentality was converted by spiritual principals and God’s Universal Laws, proving there is no bad from which good cannot come out of.

His “Parenting from Prison,” “The Law of One,”  “God’s Operating System” and “Microwave Cookbook” are expectant releases to keep his series diversified and inspirational.   Eddie is the first father to write about the challenges of being the parent of a gay son in his premier release “Voice for the Silent Fathers”.

While serving his sentence, Eddie has become a fitness trainer and Yoga instructor.  Recently he earned his Master’s Degree in Religious Studies and continues assisting others to awaken to the spiritual essence of who they truly are.




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