An open letter to fathers of gay and lesbian children. 

Jun 13, 2016, 4:22 PM
The silence of turning off the radio after listening all day to the news reports of the Orlando terrorist attacks was comforting. So thankful that my son made a change in his plans because Pulse is his hang-out spot. 

While sitting in front of my window seeing the Empire State building, World Trade Center, even the Statue of liberty, a million dollar view of the New York City skyline, from 7 flights up in M.D.C. Brooklyn, back fighting my case on appeal. Getting hit with 45 years was an enlightening experience to say the least, waking me up to what life’s really all about. 

I wasted so many moments when I was free, worrying about stupid shit like what the hell I’m going to do when my son openly starts pledging his allegiance to that rainbow colored flag!  I missed opportunities to prepare him for living in such a judgmental world. At that time, it was me, his own father being so judgmental, adding to the challenges I already knew he would confront. 

And when I let go of my judgments with my loving acceptance, everything wasn’t peaches and cream. His justified anger and resentment towards me as a teenager took me on one hell of a roller coaster ride, with no seat belt, but I held on tight to the love for my son, life and God. We share a wonderful relationship because we had the time to work it out and we’re both grateful for that even with me in my current situation. 

As I think about all of those victims, I wonder how many of them had thick headed fathers like myself, but didn’t have the opportunity to resolve their issues, and now won’t get a chance to right the wrong. 

So for all those fathers out there with that “No son of mine” mentality, if ever there was a time to pick up that phone to burry the hatchet…it’s now. You don’t have to have all the answers, you don’t have to feel comfortable with their lifestyle, but what you have to do is let them know that in the end… None of that matters because they’re your child and you love them unconditionally, the way they love you. 

It could be days, weeks, months, or years that have passed, it doesn’t matter. Send a text message of support for them during this difficult time and be grateful that their still alive to receive it. I’m sure their are plenty of fathers in Orlando Florida right now that would be willing to give anything to make peace with the loved one that was lost. 

Maybe this tragedy will be your enlightening experience to put fatherhood in the proper perspective. This is not the time to drag up the pain that may have been caused in the past, we’re dealing with healing, the bottom line which is to let them know they are loved, especially by their fathers. Please trust me….it means a lot.

Eddie K. Wright (a voice for the silent fathers)














3 comments on “An open letter to fathers of gay and lesbian children. 

  1. Well said… And so true… After the tragedy in Orlando your words are even more important… But they apply to others as well because so many people have allowed various obstacles to get in the way of the parent/child relationship… I know this first hand and am thankful I learned it soon enough to forgive my own father… Tomorrow is not promised and today is a new opportunity… Take it… Forgive each other… We don’t have to agree with each other, we don’t even have to accept whatever it is that has come between us in the first place… What matters most is unconditional love for each other… It is not our place to judge one another… It is our place to love one another regardless of our differences and appreciate the time we have together… Life is short, don’t waste it. Love your blog!!

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    • eddiekwright says:

      Amen Shirl, I’m sending this to Eddie right now. ~Mimi


    • eddiekwright says:

      Thanks for your comment. I really do understand how everyone needs to apply the all inclusive, non-judgmental love to one another. I just specifically address fathers because no one else does. I’m glad you’ve forgiven your father, and I hope the two of you were able to reconcile the father/son relationship because it’s so important, especially for LGBT community. It’s a taboo topic that’s not addressed enough and I hope to bring more attention to the father/son relationship as well as to all other. Thank you again for the support and I’m really glad you enjoy my blog. Eddie


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