1st Book reading/discussion

Jun 5, 2016, 7:21 PM
Just wanted to send my thanks and gratitude to all those that have supported “Voice for the Silent Fathers” and specifically those who attended the launch party on June 5th. 

When I received my 1st paperback copy in the mail this past Thursday, actually holding it in my hands, I felt an incredible sense of achievement, especially in my current situation. Over the past few months approaching June 1st, I’ve read and re-read “Voice for the Silent Fathers” numerous times, but today after reading the final page of the finished product, knowing I’m my own harshest critic, I stood up looked at myself in the dingy mirror on the cell wall above the white porcelain sink,and saw the reflection of a big kool aid smile shinning back at me.

I’m sure all first time authors have felt this sense of proud pride, finally reaching their goal when seeing their words in print. We got it done with the continuous trust and faith in God’s creative powers. Through out the past six years from start to this books completion, the process had bestowed continuous blessings. It’s been a successful healing tool for my son and I. It’s kept me focused on a positive project in an environment that breeds negativity, it’s created a business for my sister Mimi and I know that there are going to continue to be numerous other positive things as a result of this book. 

The realization that I had right after reading the last page that caused that big kool aid smile was that after years of living such a destructive lifestyle, I’ve turned it all around by expressing a powerful life message with meaning and purpose. This has given me a great sense of self-redemption from my past mistakes, another wonderful blessing. 

Again I want to thank everyone for all their love and support!! 

God bless!! Eddie K. Wright aka Gangster turned Guru (and certified published author!!)

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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