Thank you for your support!

Dear Readers,

I would like to send my gratitude and appreciation for all of the support I’ve received from family, friends, readers of my blog, and all my social media outlets.

As a first time author, preparing to launch such a personal memoir to the world, a certain sense of nervousness comes into play.

Of course I want “VOICE FOR THE SILENT FATHERS” to be a smash hit to where Oprah Winfrey herself is contacting my sister Mimi to see what strings she has to pull to get an interview with me, where I promise to jump all over her couch.  But that’s a side bar issue compared to my real concern that actually kept me up all night after Mimi researched how many other fathers wrote a book about their strained relationship with their gay son, sending me a message that read “Eddie, you’re the first and only one.”  There was a part of me that wasn’t too surprised, knowing how taboo the topic of being the father of a gay son is.  But it still left me wondering why.

Some of my frustration throughout my experience was not having any resources or other fathers to turn to so I can discuss what to do at that time, so I felt alone.  But how could I be alone when every person in the LGBQT community has to have a father?  It only makes sense.  Now that I’m one of the first fathers who is publicly addressing the issue adds a totally new equation as a first time self-publishing author because the topic is so important it’s critical that I get it right!

Since going public with my story, I have gained a new sense of responsibility, along with an opportunity to redeem myself for the errors in my past. The reality really struck during my first interview about “VOICE FOR THE SILENT FATHERS” with Jamie Timmons for her video blab “MATTERS OF THE HEART.”  I explained to her that, in my mind, the book was already a success because it’s helped my son and I heal our relationship and I can only hope it does the same for others.

In the past I mentioned that I never expected “VOICE FOR THE SILENT FATHERS” to be my first book. My “GANGSTER TO GURU” spiritual self/help books, “GANGSTER TO GURU” physical fitness/yoga book, “GANGSTER TO GURU” microwave cook book for convicts and college students, or even my “GANGSTER TO GURU” relationship book, any one of them could have been my debut as a first time author. (Yeah I’ve been down quite a few years, writing all along), but GOD works in mysterious ways my friends, and when you have your strong trust, belief and faith in your higher power, you know and understand that even when things don’t appear to be going according to the way you planned it, there’s a reason and purpose behind it.

Life is always unfolding for the greater good of all. So I’ve embraced my role as “Gangster to Gay community activist”, so to speak because I owe it not only to my son, but to children young and old, who’s fathers didn’t give the comfort and understanding to those who only wanted our loving support and approval.  So again I thank everyone for their support, and only wish “VOICE FOR THE SILENT FATHERS” came out sooner because it’s long overdue.


Eddie K.. Wright, Author


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